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Being born in Germany and growing up in a family in which none of the parents were musical Julien Mueller was very lucky being put in a music education group in Kindergarten. At the age of seven he had his first piano lessons and continued until he was thirteen and discovered how to use his vocal chords. He then began taking classical singing training and very soon his voice training became so important to him, that he almost completely stopped playing the piano.

Since that early age Julien got involved in multiple projects. He became a tenor and soloist in the Gospelchoir Ludwigsfelder, performed in the duo "JuT" and most enjoyed singing in his acapella groups Amazing-G (pop) and Singest (Classical/Jazz). Julien loved the combination of classical and jazz music and so he learned songs by Frank Sinatra and other jazz greats and started performing in restaurants and wedding before he even turned 17. Beside his work as soloist he collaborated with other musicians as a singer for a Gospel-Soul-Project and as a singer and percussionist for a Rock-Funk-Band.

Julien was always impressed by guitarist but thought the guitar strings would not go well with his piano-man-fingers. Things changed rapidly when he first was introduced to the music of Jason Mraz ("I'm yours") at the age of 19. He was keen to play the guitar well very soon. Using his music knowledge, his volition and YouTube he taught himself how to play the guitar. Half a year later Julien took off to Australia to take his journey to a new level.

Arriving in Sydney Julien bought a new guitar and rehearsed day in day out. Half a year later while living and working in the vibrant Sydney Suburb Newtown as a Barista he wanted to go out on the street and play music.

On Valentine's Day 2009 he decided to get in his tux and to perform Sinatra songs as he did back in Germany. It was such a great experience for him that he decided to go out on King St and busk on a weekly basis.

Half a year later Julien left Australia to travel and see his family and friends again. But life in Germany was not the same anymore. Too much he craved an artist's life of freedom, opportunity and happiness. That's why he got on the plane again to come back to Newtown.


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